ABOUT USRiyadh Language Exchange

Your key to a new culture

A group of friends loves to travel around the world, enjoy exchanging cultures and languages, came back to their home town Saudi Arabia few years back, and said, why not an evening gathering with everyone who shares the same passion.
Form a new movement and there, was a birth of RIYADH LANGUAGE EXCHANGE came to existence!
First event was held in December 2017, with few languages, few attendees but much more hopes for more.
In just one year, we have had more than 1,000 members; today, we cherish being among 2,500 members from 74 nationalities, and speak 45 languages from around the world.
Become part of this wonderful world of knowledge, languages and diversity culture, come and join us!
We are a non-profit group, our aim is to exchange cultures and languages, love and peace
We strive to bring the entire world under one platform, come, meet people, know them, exchange a culture and language
We aim fun and entertaining environment, meet someone, make friends, energize yourself with knowledge
We are beyond practicing languages, we believe in harmonized community, living in peace and solidarity
Visiting Riyadh Language Exchange giving you a great chance to socialize with many people, in many languages too
We offer promotional campaigns other than gifts from our sponsors, become a member not to lose an opportunity